Tuesday, January 09, 2007


let me take you back to sunday morning, if you please...

sara and i headed out into the pouring rain, much to the astonishment of a few of our climate-project-friends and the hotel staff. we learned when we got outside that it was not only very raining, but it was also pretty damn cold. on the way back we would see that it was only about 50 degrees. [shudder]

the plan was to head to a park a little over a mile and a half down the street, do a loop around the lake (3 miles), and then head back. it would have ended up going over the 6 miles on the schedule, but i figured a little more would be better than a little less.

i was cold, and waited for my legs to get warm, and my arms and hands to get numb. as we ran towards the park, the water from the clouds was far less troublesome than the water that was flowing down hills, from the gutters and running in angry little rivers every which way. after a few blocks there was no point in trying too hard to avoid the puddles. our socked feet sloshed and squished on.

it was good to have company in weather like that. i had been nervous because i was certain sara was faster than i was, because she usually runs shorter distances than longer, but she offered to let me set the pace, since i was “actually training for something.” we were going fast than my usual, but given it was a short distance and so miserable, i thought getting it over with quickly might be the better call. we saw a few other crazy runners out there - probably training for the nashville marathon - and it was kind of funny to see people gawking and laughing at us from their warm, dry cars. it kind of makes you feel nutty in a fun-loving-sorta-way.

we got to the park, and ran around a bit in there, but it was even more messy than the streets. lakes had formed on the paths, blocking our way. the grass was flooded too, so there was no escape there. after making it almost to the top of the park, it was clear there would be no going around the pond unless we wanted to go wading. i was freezing and started having visions of brochettes for the actual marathon so i suggested we go back. sara enthusiastically agreed and we happily headed back.

as we rung ourselves out walking into the hotel, the bell-boys all eyed our dripping clothes in amusement, and i’m sure the staff was thrilled with the foot-prints on the floors and carpet. the concierge laughed as she gave me my key back, shaking her head in that you’re-insane fashion.

i bid sara goodbye, and headed back to my room to stretch and take a hot shower. my skin was pink all over from the cold, and i was so cold that the hot water felt too hot. i calculated the mileage, and then went to the lobby for texas french toast with caramelized bananas - mmm. i realized a week from that moment, i would be running my marathon...and my heart raced.

sunday's mileage: 4.2
total mileage: 342.6

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