Tuesday, January 09, 2007

and now, i'm a mentor

as if there weren’t enough going on, tonight was mentor orientation for the *second* marathon i am going to run in june.

i knew that being a mentor was going to be a big commitment, but it’s probably even more than i thought. there’s what you would expect: certain meetings to attend, attendance at practice, being available and encouraging to your flock of runners. there is more though. a little phone banking. reports to attend to. reflective vests to wear.

ps, who signs up to be a mentor before knowing they can succeed at their event! oh, that would be me.

i’m fairly certain that it may just seem a little daunting right now, with my own marathon looming. LOOMING i say.

you can’t tell by looking at me, but i’m all a’twitter on the inside. i feel like i can’t really let that out until i am on the plane. otherwise, all the things i have to do in the next few days before i leave are simply not going to get done. for instance, right now i should be packing, but i’ve been working on getting the tattoo e-bay post up. of course my internet is not cooperating, per the usual lately. whenever i start to think that this is it, i instantly feel nauseous. i think denial is the best route.

in prep...i’m trying to eat pretty well, i’m now alcohol-free again, and i’m stretching every day. i’m supposed to run 30 minutes tomorrow, which i will probably do at the gym. there is practice tomorrow, but i don’t think i’m going to be able to leave work early...we’re going to have to see.

okay...it's way past bed time. more tomorrow.

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