Thursday, January 04, 2007

"keep your eyes on the cake"

title courtesy ramon.

so since i last left you i've been a big mess of work, getting ready to go to tennessee for the climate training and also i have entered into holy-crap-i'm-running-a-marathon-in-less-than-two-weeks freakout mode.

a few weeks ago, our coach said when we started to taper, funny things were going to happen because we're running less and running is such a stress relief. yep. i'm cranky. stressed. i can't sleep to save my life. i have a perma-headache and i think i'm going blind (or need a new contact prescription). even though i'm really excited about the run, i'm really anxious and questioning my training, and wishing i had done even more...

this is all normal, says ramon. especially for us first timers. he told all the coaches to put a voice mail on their answering machine that says "whatever is happening is normal".

okay, i get it. logically. but i'm still freaking out. i know i can finish, it's just how painful is it gonna be.

so last night was send off, and we got all our transportation wristbands and tickets to pasta parties and all that jazz. it's definitely going to be a crazy weekend. i'll spare you the itin for now. us "superstar" fundraisers got prizes (a spiffy tote and pin for me) but i was aghast to find i've slipped to *THIRD* place. unacceptable!!

but in that regards...if i can squeeze in some time to write copy, we'll be getting the bum auction up this weekend. when i start thinking of everything to do, that's when i freak! i still have to go marathon shopping for goos and other little things. ~deep breaths~ it'll all be fine.

And some good news - demps is going to make it! his knee was bothering him so much that we weren't sure if he was going to have to transfer or what, but he did 10 miles feeling pretty good the other day, and ramon said he thinks he can do it so, yay demps! i'm not sure if drew ended up dropping down to the 1/2 because of the same injury...fingers crossed and i'll give you an update on that soon.

okay, back to some work and then downstairs for registration/orientation.

talk to you later! there will be running in tn.

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