Tuesday, June 30, 2009

sprint for 1/4 mile. recover. repeat.

it's tuesday, which means some sort of tortureous workout from our coaches.

making a 6:45pm practice is no easy feat most days, so this has been the first tuesday i've attended, which is not great because that's when we do a lot of strengthening, technique and - what i need the most - speed work.

it was raining when i left work, but i'll take rain over blistering heat so while i wasn't exactly thrilled, i also wasn't too cranky about it. by the time we began, the rain had actually subsided to a slight drizzle and we were left to run our repeats in a recently cooled-off park.

we were to warm up, and then starting at a certain point, we would sprint (effort level 4) for a quarter mile, and then take another quarter mile to recover. repeat until the coaches let you stop.

i was a little nervous since i hadn't been doing any of these work outs really and wasn't sure how i would do. i did okay. i took my recoveries nice and slow, making sure i was ready for the next fast run and then would sprint my butt off.

after twenty or twenty-five minutes or so, we were allowed to head back. a little stretching and 3 wtf mosquito bites later (through my clothes? really?), i was red-faced and sweaty but feeling pretty okay.

today's mileage: 3.9
season mileage to date: 74.6

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