Wednesday, June 24, 2009

rib stitches

i ran after work today because i simply could not drag my tired ass out of bed this morning. i got stuck in the airport most of the day monday, and then on tuesday had to get on a 6:55am train to boston for a client trip, so this morning i was simply wiped out and decided i needed to run after work.

the air felt a little thick as i got home and i complained a bit to the roommate before i realized that i had little right to be complaining given the hot sticky soup i had just come from in north carolina.

i headed out around 7:40 and planned on running a little long until shortly into the run i got an attack of under-the-rib-cage-stitches which would not go away for the rest of the run. i think i was going a little fast (i really have to find my damn watch!) at the beginning and it pretty much screwed me for the rest of the run.

i got back to the house sweaty and cranky and went straight for the shower, realizing i hadn't even stretched when my hip growled at me for my forgetfulness. damn damn.

tomorrow i'll run again after work, and friday is tbd because i need to run long this weekend and i'm debating trying to run to the event we have in the city at 9am...maybe maybe...i'll have to map out the mileage. OR i'll run sunday and maybe ride a bike to the city for a little bit o' cross training. getting into july i really need to get my butt in gear, especially when it comes to making tuesday practices - we're doing speed work and that helps improve soooo much.

today's mileage: 3.3
time run: 34m
season mileage to date: 61.6

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