Tuesday, June 16, 2009

and we're back

i took 5 days off to rest the old it band but this morning i decided it was time to get back out there and see how i was feeling.

when i first got up it looked pretty gray, but once i got out there the weather was lovely. i definitely was in need of a run, wanted to get rid of the cranky pants i'd been wearing for a while, and i was anxious about missing "so many days". now i know the work doesn't just go away, but even though it is a long season ahead it still stresses me out to not be running.

the run overall went okay. my it-band started waving "hi! i'm here! remember me!" about ten minutes into the run but it didn't hurt, which is good i guess? i realized at the top of the hill i am no longer any more winded than i am overall, which is also good i guess? it probably means i am still running too fast. but it kinda feels good to run fast(er) than my usual plodding pace.

i'll run again tomorrow, and then i'm headed down to north carolina where its even hotter and stickier. it will be a busy weekend - my boyfriend's father's memorial - so realistically i'm not sure about how much running i'm going to get in, but i'm going to try to get at least a few short ones in, even if i don't make a long one.

today's mileage: 4.3
time run: 45m
season mileage to date: 51.0

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