Friday, June 05, 2009

i *heart* Ramon

i just checked the email and had this little ditty from ramon, the head coach.

as an alumni...3 times over...sometimes you forget that it is a big deal that you are back again and again, helping shape and drive the program.

thanks ramon.


If you are getting this email is because you are a past and current TNT participant, I think they call you Alumni !

This is me, Ramon, your coach then, and your coach now, the one with the accent (yes, yes, after this many years, still have it, deal with it!!)
I just want to take this opportunity to give you a special Welcome !
It is just soooo awesome to see so many of you coming back, so many 'old faces' :) I think I have seen people in workouts pretty much from every season I have coached, dating from Maui 2002 to last spring season, and that's absolubtely freaking awesome !

I makes me happy to know that you are back either because you 'kind of like us' or you, as I previously told you, have not life after TNT and that's what you are back, no matter the reason you are back, the important thing is that you are BACK !

Many of you probably noted that this fFall 2009 season is a bit different from the one you participated, probably a big bigger (specially if you are from the early years when we were just a few), YES we have grown and that's in big part thanks to all of you, you made the program what it is now, you did you event, you enjoyed, you talked about TNT to everybody you know and that's why we are successful and that's why we are one of the best chapter in the country. I thank you for that !

You have fundraising thousands and thousands of dollars to help our cause, and here you are again, making a difference once more, doing your part ! We all know is not easy to fundraise several seasons, but you are here, and you are doing it, you are
an inspiration to all, to the coaches, to those in the TNT office, but specially to those that joined TNT for first time. You are the
true voice of TNT, welcome those newbies, tell them what is all about, share your pass experiences, tell them why you are back, tell them their lives are about to change, but also, take a moment to realize you are super awesome !!

Anyway, as a little token of my gratitude, for being so awesome and for being back, I want to invite you to special event, a special workout just for you, for just 'those alumni that are currently training with us for a fall marathon'
I will be sending and evite soon, it will probably happen either on Wednesday June 24th or Saturday June 27th.

Once more, thank you for all you have done, and all you continue to do. So great having you back and being able to push you around one more time !!!

Needless to say that your feedback is important to me, please feel free to send me any feedback, positive or negative about this season, I want to make sure , your experience is event better than your prior !!!

me your coach, now and always !!!


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