Wednesday, June 10, 2009

misty morning

i left work late for practice again (i wonder if tnt would consider a tuesday *morning!* work out), and was going to run on my own but i took one look at our bedroom (with my clothes scattered everywhere) and decided last night was for cleaning - and this morning would be for the running.

it's a little chilly this morning, but it definitely felt good. the run was more or less uneventful, except for a mini-lake that had formed across one of my paths which necessitated running through the mud. i was trying to run off my recent bout of crankiness and i think it worked to a degree. i feel a little less...encumbered than yesterday.

that's it for now. i am just getting coffee right and feel too sleepy to be interesting this morning!

today's mileage: 3.4
time run: 35m
season mileage to date: 46.7

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