Sunday, April 06, 2014

Day 85: Half marathon +

I wasn't sure how my body was going to be for this run, between the travel, stress and jet lag but I'll take anything that doesn't break my legs.

We had to meet at 7am about 30/40 minutes south which is pretty brutal for a Sunday morning.

Our coach explained the route which sounded very hilly, apparently just like the marathon I signed up for which has a hill at mile 18. Gross.  Anyway - it was a beautiful morning, although you could tell it was going to be warm. Our course was a down and back along the coast, past the light house and the turn around spot was a golf course my neighbor frequents - then back.

The first uphill we took was awful - long and windy and steep. But then the course was more rolling hills and the views were really spectacular.

As we were huffing up the last hill, Wendy noted the mileage and I remembered that this run wasn't just serious mileage, but also the first 1/2 marathon I've run since my broken legs. It brought the first real smile to my face in the last few days. I guess after this insanely emotional week, turns out 14 miles by the sea was just what I needed.

today's mileage: 14.1 miles
season mileage to date: 193.0 miles

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