Tuesday, July 14, 2009

what's in store for the birthday you ask? hill repeats.

you know that long hill i always talk about? well...check out what's in store for today's (birthday!) practice:

"Today begins our first day of hill training. We'll become very familiar with the North Hill and the South Hill and maybe a few hills in the center of the park too...

Hill training builds strength! Yep, believe it or not we're going to need a little strength to get us from start to finish.

We'll warm up to the light pole near the bottom of the North Hill and then use the 1/2 mile mark as the end point.

Technique Focus: Running Hills with proper form, efficiency, and strength!!!
Workout: Hill Repeats- 30-35 minutes. The effort UPHILL will alternate between the following;

1) Efficient, with good form and technique.

2) "Hard"- the SAME as you ran two weeks ago for the 200 and 400 meter repeats, remember? Your primary focus is on maintaining short strides and a LOW arm swing in order to minimize the impact forces.

The RECOVERY is downhill and is VERY SLOW.

Cool Down: Easy run back to picnic Area."

i'm definitely going to need lots of cake to recover from this workout.

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