Saturday, July 04, 2009

i am a runner

today's run was amazing.

it was another great morning. sunny with a cooling breeze. i left the house by 8:40 and headed to the park where my teammates would have already started running.

i found my rhythm early, and pleasantly glided through the busy park. it was a buzz with 4th of july activity, families with picnic gear and children in tow, claiming their patch of green to lay about for the day.

i wished i had a tape recorder to catch the cacophony of people and music.

i ran an extended loop (adding on a central drive + wellhouse mini loop), and then a full. at some point between 6 & 7 miles, which is where i lost a bit of steam last week, i was still going strong and feeling really good...and i thought to myself...

i am a runner.

i don't always feel this way, especially when so many runs early in the season are a struggle for me. but yesterday's run was a pleasant reminder that yes. slow as i go, laborious as it can be,

i am a runner.

i finished my 9+ strong, knowing a could have run at least another mile. and that felt fantastic.

happy 4th of july everyone.

today's mileage: 9.3
time run: 1h 40m (approximate)
season mileage to date: 88.2


avisualperson said...

yeah! great thoughts; you are killing it already! i love that feeling of knowing you have more in you, and are saving it for later, and that you have the capacity and strength to go on and on.

James Monaghan said...

Congrats Jen! There are few feelings like a really good run, and there can surely be no doubt by now: you definitely *are* a runner :)

roxie said...

thanks guys!