Friday, July 03, 2009

four on friday

not having to work today, it would have been easy to sleep in and chilax.

but not having run since tuesday i did the good thing and was out the door for a loop around the park a little after nine. it is nice out for the running these mornings. not too sticky, a little tinge of coolness to the air.

my legs seemed a little cranky at first, but i took it nice and easy since i am running long tomorrow. i felt like i was going a steady not too fast, not quite an "easy" pace as i made my way round the loop. i'm finally at a point where even though i might not mentally feel like running, physically its not feeling too laborious on these short runs, unless i want it too. its a welcome improvement!

i've started to play around with my arm swing, seeing how it affects my stride and speed. i think i'm going to suck it up and buy one of the fancy heart-rate-monitor-watch-gps things, maybe used though. i think it would be interesting to see where my heart rate is - i know some runners who monitor pace simply by getting their heart rate in the optimal range. i don't know if i'll ever be that crazy but...i think knowing would be cool.

tomorrow - another 9-er. probably in the park this time. i'm going to play around online with some loop variations. i could also run over a bridge, but then i'll have to deal with where to refill the water, and i'm not sure i feel like doing that much investigation today.

until tomorrow...

today's mileage: 4.3
time run: 45m
season mileage to date: 78.9

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