Monday, July 06, 2009

the return of the IT-band-hip-pain

i hit the road earlier than usual, wanting to do a full loop.

it was another lovely morning...although the park was not so lovely. trash was littered everywhere, and eye-sore of a reminder of saturday's celebrations. i mean, is it seriously that hard to put your litter in a trash can? sad sad sad. but, i digress.

i was feeling strong and speedy coming off saturday's 9 miles, until, i reached the top of the big hill. suddenly i felt a sharp pain that started in my hip and shot down my leg a bit, causing me to catch my breath. it immediately dulled, but the deep IT band pain that i am familiar with lingered - so much so that i could feel my right leg tiring a bit as the rest of my leg compensated for the aching.

i slowed to a more moderate pace but did not stop, the pain not being too bad, and trotted back to the house. the sharp-pain part was scary, but its subsided now, and i'm going to ice it up and see how i'm feeling tomorrow before practice. tomorrow will be a "test" of sorts - each season we bookend the "hills" section of training so we can see how strong it makes us, and tomorrow is the day so i definitely don't want to miss it!

today's mileage: 4.3
time run: 45m
season mileage to date: 92.5


roxie said...

i am not the only one that noticed the trashy park!

avisualperson said...

the park looked super busted on july 5th for sure! but I'd like to think the park was just going to do a grand cleanup after the entire weekend? either way, looked bad.

what up with the trigger point quadkiller or whatever that is? should take care of the IT right?

roxie said...

heh. i've been resting and rolling, and the IT seems good since last week...we'll see how it holds up to some hill training today.