Saturday, February 13, 2010

venice beach ain't no prospect park

i've landed in lala land for work, and since there will be a bunch of us out here at various points of time, we've rented a small house right near venice beach.

now, the season of summer training has started and between the weather and the crazy work schedule, i will confess that i haven't done ANYTHING yet. but now that i'm out here in cali for a week or so, its the perfect way to kick start training.

i checked out the tnt schedule and today beginners (yes, after the fractures, i have reverted myself back to "beginner") are supposed to run 3-4 miles. we're a few blocks from the beach and the weather is perfect for running - a little chilly in the morning, not too hot.

i headed out around 8:30 to the boardwalk having mapped out a 4 mile out-and-back. until this trip i had never been to venice beach and it is amazing people watching. burnt out hippies with rainbow rvs, a boardwalk full of homeless folks, roller bladers, packs of runners, medical marijuana stands - more eye-candy for a run than you could hope for. between the people watching and the street musicians, the 4 miles - while hard - was quite entertaining.

also it is completely flat. not a bad thing for my first gander back to the running shoes.

at some point the path veers off the beach and i ran through a one way street with other runners, walkers and roller bladers. there were PACKS - and i mean PACKS - of runners all along the route. it was not unusual to see a group of 30 runners jog past. Of course this is california and everyone here does live up to the fit and tan stereo type...well except for the crazy and the homeless.

the other interesting thing about running in venice which was not great was the smells. incense, maryjane and well...human smells...are not exactly conducive to running, especially when say you're struggling through your last 10 minutes. yech.

it was amazing to run in the sun and warm though. good for my soul after the hibernating winter we've been having.

today's mileage: 4.0
season mileage to date: 4.0

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