Wednesday, February 17, 2010

sunset on the shore

it was a crazy, busy, stressy day. one drawback of being on the west coast, when your office is on the east coast, and your clients are in europe is that the day has to start pretty early. my phone started buzzing at 7:30am, yay!

long story short, i was totally ready for a run at the end of the day today. i headed out just as the sun was setting which provided lovely scenery. i plotted 3-ish mile route to santa monica pier and back and took off in the rosy glow of day's end. the sunset looked just like one of those old 80's postcards of venice beach and once the sun hit the horizon, it sunk heavily.

man, getting *back* into running sucks, i must say. i plodded along, feeling okay but winded, and imagining phantom pains in my shins. the beginning running is always so damn uncomfortable, but one must run through it.

the sun set just before i hit the pier and i turned around, the rest of the run enveloped in dusk. i was glad for the cool air and made it back to the house without having to deal with anything overly painful or exciting. a little stretch and after the shower, had a lovely glass of red...will help with the stiffness tomorrow, right?

today's mileage: 3.4
season mileage to date: 9.4
up next: 30 minutes easy on thursday

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