Friday, February 19, 2010

*sleepy* run...zzzzzzz

it was so hard getting up this morning. i think the work and stress finally got to me this morning, paralyzing my limbs and not letting me out of bed.

i was supposed to run 30 minutes yesterday but by the time i got done with work it was dark, and all the la folks advised me NOT to run by myself in venice in the dark. i was grumbly but figured if i made up for it today, all would be well.

except today was supposed to be rainy so i forced myself to get up early and i was sleepy. it was overcast and slightly chillier but not much and i did the down-and-back to the pier which was probably slightly longer than 30 minutes but oh well.

the only eventful occurrence was someone on bike yelling "go team!" at the end of my run. i waved back and said hey! the friendly people of team in training are certainly alive and will in california. my left calf was very tight when i got back but after a good stretch, all was well...and i'm more or less ready to run another day tomorrow.

today's mileage: 3.4
season mileage to date: 13.8
up next: 4-5 miles ("long" slow distance) tomorrow or sunday

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