Friday, April 06, 2007

down & out (but just for now)

sad, very sad news people: sk8's got a stress fracture.

after a bunch of medical back and forth, the results came in and the doc confirmed yesterday that there will be no more running for beck for at least 4 weeks or so, which means that she is not going to be able to run san diego. so our little posse is not so much a posse anymore...

sk8, being sk8, of course is really pissed and frustrated (see, running is damn addictive!) but isn't quitting. her plan is to run the fall season, and until then she'll be biking and swimming to keep up her fitness. she entered the nyc lottery, but if she doesn't get in she'll do nike or chicago - depending on which one picks, she might already be my star fundraiser.

sk8, i'm gonna miss you terribly, but we're still gonna hang out *all* the time. damn it.

and then there were two...

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beck said...

thanks girl.. you never know when i'll pop up at a practice to yell at you or to buy you a beer when it's over!