Friday, April 06, 2007

what's under yer kilt?

sorry for the hiatus guys. this week has been a little crazy between some visiting scottish friends and some other general life things.

where were we? i think i left you on saturday after our 10 mile run. saturday night there was an art exibition/party that i went to with some work friends and a pal i hadn't seen in forever! it was fun, and then we went to meet some other gals for a few more drinks. i was trying to behave, because the next morning i was running the scottish run, which is a 10k. at the bar though, i fell victim to an unusually strong margarita, and before i knew it i thought a bacon-wrapped hot dog sounded like a great idea.

not exactly what you'd call good running fuel.

i woke up around 5:30 am and did an emergency water guzzle and went back to bed for a bit. at 8 i got up, ate cereal and basically sat around trying to banish my hangover until the last possible second. the scottish run is one loop around central park and one of the tartan week festivities. a lot of scottish ex-pats come and run in their kilts, and since i was hungover anyway i figured why not don mine (yes, i have a real kilt). i wasn't going to be breaking any records that morning.

i met up with my friend and co-worker and we got a ride with rand up to the park. it was busy. we quickly checked bags and met up with one of tri's friends and squeezed our way into the starting line. despite being tired and less than 100%, the bag pipes and crowd perked me up, and before we knew it, it was time to run.

right after we started, the rookie flew by looking generally unhappy and mumbling something about 4:30 am and too many guiness. ha. i had my ipod on low so i could hear the spectators, and many of the scots that ran by commented on my kilt. around 102, i ran into a girl that ran phoenix with me - yay, running buddy! and about 5 minutes after that, ran into my friend annie from a few jobs ago. our little trio chatted and puffed and complained our way through the last 3/4 miles.

we crossed the finish line and the clock said 1:02 which meant that i had somehow completed the race in less than an hour because by time we had crossed the start line, the clock read over 4 minutes. i literally thought i was going to throw up right there, but after a few deep breaths and a glass of water it passed. i was definitely tired though - running 6 miles after 10 miles is hard work! especially when you've got a 2 pound wool handicap around your waist.

rand found me, we watched the awards, i found my scottish pal col who was pleased to see that i had run in my kilt and invited me to a whisky drinking event later in the week (yes!). back downtown, i checked my time, and found i had been averaging 9:38 minute miles - not freaking bad all things considered!

the rookie and i had brunch at one of my favorite spots, then had a chill sunday watching a movie and generally doing nothing but recovering. the post-running guilt-free laziness is quite divine i must say.

today's mileage: 6.2
season mileage to date: 91.9

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