Sunday, April 29, 2007

last week in review

so with the shins not feeling fantastic, i decided to do more yoga than running. tuesday and thursday, i rolled out of bed at 6:45am for 7am yoga classes down the block. ramon said yoga was good for the shins, and since its so close by, it's been a good cross-training for me.

the yoga thing has been going on for just a few weeks, but you improve quickly, which is nice. i can feel my core getting stronger, and of course, i've been getting more flexible in general. it is definitely helping the shins too - i can tell they don't feel as weak as they did when i first started (i know it sounds odd to think your bone can feel weak, but it did).

wednesday, i needed to stay at work late, so i missed our wednesday practice, which was just as well considering it was gross and raining.

this weekend, i had bag i had to run on my own...and i'll tell you all about that in the next post.

time for bed...

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