Thursday, July 20, 2006

team brimfield girls

when we were all growing up, steve was one of those guys that had no problem hanging out with all us girls and keeping his "manliness" intact (manliness in quotes since we were all boys and girls back then).

steve and the brimfield girls. that's how we rolled.

so in my marathon-induced-delerium (for all my smarts, i can't spell so just get used to it now), i've now asked the brimfield girls to join me in the marathon.

i've got two "maybe"s out of 5 - yahoo! am i a pusher or what?

something else i just realized of my co-workers husband's is suffereing from leukemia. a totally healthy 40-something marathon runner himself, he was diagnosed just a month or so ago. i knew he was sick but hadn't realized (or at least hadn't thought about it) when i was signing up for the run. he's getting treatment now, and his wife is so strong and brave.

and now i'll run for her and her family too.

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