Saturday, July 22, 2006

ideas abound!

i met up with abbi tonight and talking to her about fundraising and such has sparked a whole new bunch of ideas!

she works at a restaurant, and i was thinking i could get a gift certificate to auction off, but she was saying she could probably host an event for me where the restaurant donated the space and the food. sweet. *then* we came to the idea of a silent auction...and at the first's this list of stuff i might be able to get (if my friends and clients will be so kind as to donate them):

trip to scotland (or at least the hotel/rental car)
some puma sneakers/gear
designer jewelry
golf clubs/gear
yoga gift certificates and lessons
other restaurant gift certificates
gym membership
baseball tickets

not a bad silent-auction potential if you ask me...if you have ideas or want to donate auction-worthy items, e-mail me!

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