Saturday, July 22, 2006

off topic: 1st time co-pilot

this is off-topic as it pertains to the marathon but on-topic as it pertains to being a do-gooder.

i went to an orientation a few weeks ago for another cool non-profit: Right Rides.

Right Rides provides a free, late-night ride home service for women to lessen the chance of sexual harrassment and assault. They have a partnership with Zip Car and there are three teams of two, a driver and a navigator, who drive people home between 12 and 3 am every saturday night. if you volunteer to be a driver, your zip car membership is on the organization since you need to be a member to drive one of the cars.

so tonight, is my very first night as a navigator. eventually i might sign up as a driver, but not having driven very much since i've lived here, i figured i'd take on my typical role as co-pilot for now. i'm meeting the driver at the garage at 11:45 pm...i think a nap will be in order sometime this afternoon/evening if i'm going to make it.

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