Wednesday, February 20, 2008

yes, i'm alive

sorry for radio silence since the snowy run. my excuses are in this order:

sore quad
working late
away for the weekend
stomach bug/food poisoning
sore quad

i'm going to skip to yesterday where i found my quad still in pain. booo. i emailed my pt who recommended "running as tolerable" and when doing that, easy flat runs, so i opted for the lovely elliptical machine.

it wasn't as torturous as usual. probably because i was in a foul mood and needed a work out. i put on the cross trainer and "ran" 4.5 miles while watching "the biggest loser". that's what i call qt people.

tonight, my cross-training will take the form of belly dancing, and probably later some yoga moves. i will continue to stretch and roll, and fingers crossed, be okay to run 15-16 miles this weekend. (please don't let it snow!)

also on the agenda:
new sneakers
a new fuel belt
continuing with project "eat more vegetables"

yesterday's run: 4.5 miles
mileage to date: 145.0 miles


Angie said...

Hi - Found your blog while googling. I am completing week 4 of my TNT quest to run the San Diego Marathon on June 1. I'm 15 weeks out. Have logged about 50 miles so far. And have developed some major shin splints/calf muscle inflammation. Trying to work through that. Have not read all of your blog, but did read your first marathon experience and cried. I lost my dad to AML one year ago and that's why I'm doing this. I am NOT a runner. But determined to do this. It is beyond my skill, ability and comfort level. But I will cross the finish line on June 1. I'll continue reading through your blog to look for inspiration and affirmation.

roxie said...

hey angie -

thank you so much for writing. a lot of people think that they can't run a marathon. from my experience, i can tell you that anyone can - they just have to want it enough.

and anyone could tell that you do.

get a roller, ice after runs, and stretch your calves all the time (like whenever you're standing around!) those have helped me with the shin splints.

let me know how things are going, sometime soon you're going to have a moment when you really do feel like a runner, and it's going to be pretty sweet.

good luck!