Friday, February 22, 2008

round and round

on the elliptical. sigh.

when i got to the gym last night i was pleased to find that the barack-clinton debate was on. i knew this would get me fired up enough to dull the boredom that the elliptical usually induces.

however, the connection to cnn kept cutting out, which was *immensely* frustrating - it cut out enough to be annoying but not enough to merit a channel change. you could manage to get about 90% of what they were saying, and when you were lucky the pauses in speeches overlapped with the audio cuts.

i haven't watched a debate in a while, so i forgot that no one actually answers the questions being asked. so freaking annoying. (i won't complain about that here - i've got another blog for that). however, very distracting and i made it through my 4 & change miles in no time.

today, my quad is hurting, which is making me nervous for tomorrow's run. we're doing our longest run on march 15t...which means that is only 3 running saturdays to get up to 20 miles. i see it like this...

tomorrow: 16
3/1: 18
3/9: 18
3/15: 20

i do know from last time, if i don't make it to 20 i will not die. (last marathon my longest run was 17 miles probably 5 or 6 weeks before the marathon...i have to go look). however, i do not want to give myself a mental "way out" so to speak and nurse my injury more than necessary.

also with the weather being dicey, i don't know if we'll do our full, if we don't, i'll try to do a bunch of ellipticalling saturday and sunday, and my back up plan will be:

3/1 15-16
3/9 17-18
3/15 18-20

okay. i'm officially nervous, but not yet freaking out.

yesterday's mileage: 4.0
season mileage to date: 149.0

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