Sunday, March 07, 2010

o water where art thou?

work has reached a new level of frenzy and when i finally got home friday night i made the executive decision that i needed to sleep as long as i needed to saturday morning, otherwise i was likely going to be dragging my tired self all weekend or worse, get sick. it was a much needed rest - i slept a full 11 hours, which is pretty unusual for me since i only need 6-7ish.

that meant i had to run on my own today, which at this low mileage is still doable. i intended to get up early (8) and get out there but there was unexpected drama in the neighborhood - a fire in an apt building across the street! this started a little before 1am and between the craziness and the 5 ladder trucks + others out in the street it was 2 or 2:30 before i made it to bed and so by the time i got up and out of the house it was 10ish.

it was gorgeous out! spring is almost here, although part of me refuses to be fooled, and the park was appropriately crowded. i had planned a route exactly 6 miles when you consider the to and from the park. i was a little winded the first mile or so but then settled into an appropriate pace and made my way 'round the park. my biggest drama today was lack of water. i have not found my fuel belt from last season and the water fountains are not on yet.

6 miles is pretty much the longest run i'll go without water. by the end i was definitely parched and chugged not one but two pints when i walked in the door.

each run is getting a little better and easier, which is good. i'm trying to run lightly and gently without risking my little bones and i think it is going well. i even got the bike tuned up for cross training today. all in all...things seem to be moving nicely forward.

today's mileage: 6.0
season mileage to date: 41.1
up next: 3 miles EZ

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