Wednesday, August 12, 2009

one lousy mile. ish.

as you might have noticed i've had a tweeky calf since saturday's run that i was so pleased with. i let it rest for a few days, opted out of practice, rolled, iced, stretched, took a bunch of advil, and iced some more. i called my doctor - she's out for a few weeks, and i have an appointment on september 2nd. i call my pt - they don't have an appointment until monday.

and so i sit in injury i run? how much? when should i stop or keep going? is it serious? I WANNA RUN.

this morning i decided that it was time to test it out. i decided i would run the shortest route of my park routes, and if my calf was bugging me, i would be good and walk back home. i headed out and my calf was feeling very stiff. i ran up the hill and into the park, and probably about about a mile into the run i decide it was best to stop. the tightness was hurting - not so much that i was overcompensating, but it definitely did not feel right.

i knew i could motor through the rest of the run, but not knowing what is going on made me decide to rest and hopefully, sooner than later, run another day.

and so i go back to icing, advil, stretching, rolling and attempting not to worry.

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