Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting a little easier...

I got up this morning and ran again. The getting up gets easier, and even though this was only the third run under my belt, the running is getting easier too. Not easy. But not so red-faced and wheezy. Not to mention that on Wednesday I wasn't nearly as sore as Monday. So improvement is definitely happening.

Work is also super busy and stressful (even more so than usual) so I suspect its very good for me to have these quiet, reflectful moments to myself. Running outside, amongst all the twitterpated animals cooing at each other puts one in the mindset a bit of a Disney movie, and in my pre-coffee'd state at one point I half expected an animated blue bird to land on my shoulder and tweet at me.

I am, as ever, consistent and clocked in another 3.5 in 40 minutes.

Saturday I'll be in Jersey with the boy, but will attempt 5 miles (where exactly I have no clue - any Jerseyites in the Netcong vicinity suggestions welcome!) I'm only a little nervous...the day should be a lovely one.

Today's mileage:3.5
Miles this week:10.5

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