Friday, April 04, 2008

day 1: bonjour from paris!

hello mon chers, from lovely paris! it's almost 9pm on friday and it is still not quite dark. i always forget until i am across the ocean that it stays lighter longer here - believe me i am not complaining.

we arrived yesterday a little after 10 without incident and took a bus to our hotel, which is right in the thick of things - a few minutes walk to the arc de triomphe off the champs-elysées. we happily discovered our room was ready and we showered and decompressed for a bit.

we are supposed to stay off our feet and not drink wine or eat rich cheese until after the marathon, three things that are quite difficult to do while in paris. we decided to go to expo while we were tired and pick up our numbers so as not to waste the following free day.

it was a good idea. we too the metro over, and since the expo had just opened we decided to grab a snack, caffeine and some water before braving the crowds. we found a cute little cafe where we had tea and cafe au lait, and then ducked into a little patisserie for some pan au chocolat. (ps, the food words are just about the only french i know, along with "Bonjour!" "Bonne nuit" "S'il vous palait" "Excuse moi!" "Pardon Moi!" "Au Revoiur" and "Parlez-vous anglais?")

the expo was not too crazy when we got there. there was a brief scare when the man behind the counter couldn't find sk8's number, but all was well. i couldn't find my hat, so i had to buy yet another one at expo.

from there we headed back to our hotel for a well-timed nap to manage the time difference. around nine or so, we headed back out to forage for food somewhere a little off the beaten path and found a descent brasserie where we dined on steak au poivre and pomme frites. mmm and a glass of cote du rhone. (yes! i cheated! i admit it! but it was just one!)

the meal pushed us over the edge of tired and we headed back to our hotel and passed out.

PS - you guys are *rocking* as far as my little fundraising push goes! not quite at $20k yet (we have until sunday!) but...since monday we've raised over $2,000 and that is saying something! thank you so much for all your support!

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